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"It was an extraordinary experience to be in a room full of talented, passionate artists. Thank you so much!"

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2021 Tips From the Pros for Actors & Filmmakers Workshop

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The Star
top floor lounge
1111 Rusk
Houston, Texas

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2021 tips from the pros acting workshop

A full day of training and education focusing on the actor and their career.

The purpose of this Actor's Workshop is to give new and aspiring actors brief but intensive training in

  • On-Camera ACTING techniques from the cameras perspective with a DP, MUA, Wardrobe stylist,

  • AUDITION techniques

that are immediately useful and will be applied to a scene that EACH actor will perform at the end of the day before a panel of TEXAS TALENT AGENTS & TOP CASTING DIRECTOR BETH SEPKO. The panelists will give redirects, feedback and advice to each actor. 

2021 Tips From the Pros for Filmmakers

If you're a filmmaker (or aspire to be one) with a script or an idea but 

  • aren't sure how to get it made 

  • how to shoot it 

  • or if you're having trouble navigating the world of filmmaking

this workshop is the place to get answers to your questions and guidance for your ideas. 

Special Guest Chad Gundersen (Out of Order Films) is joined by screenwriters, and filmmakers across several genres to tell you how they did it and form a panel at the end of the day to answer questions in this open forum formatted day of workshops